JimmyControl Portal

JimmyControl portal

With the JimmyControl portal, each target audience has their own educational portal. Each portal has functionality that is tailored to them. Also, we think it's important that anyone working with JimmyControl also works quickly and easily. 

These are the portals that are available:

  • School board portal. The principals you can see here a list of all the affiliated schools. The IT manager responsable for more then one school can quickly log in to a school environment and execute its management tasks.
  • School portal. Per school the devices are assigned to the groups. Also, apps that are purchased are made available to the teachers.
  • Teacher portal. The teacher can make here the lessons used and also manage the device features.
  • Partner portal. Partners can create accounts and school board accounts here. With JimmyInspector they can provide the schools with support.

All portals have also some manuals and instructional videos available, because it is important to know all availabilities.