Mobile device management

JimmyControl Mobile device management

JimmyControl Mobile device management

With JimmyControl Mobile Device Management, the teacher can set the equipment used in class. For this he uses his Teacher app or the teacher portal, and then you can  activate a lesson. Eventually, all tablets get the right app and / or website for that lesson. There is no need for the teacher to do anything else. We support the following operating systems.

In addition, this year we will also come up with solutions for Windows and Chromebook.

Each JimmyControl license consists of support for the operating system and the various management portals. Additionally, teachers can download there app in the Google Play store or the Apple App store. We ask for an amount per device per year. You can apply for a license through JimmyCompany's official partners or send us a message through the contact form.

JimmyControl basic functionalities

All versions have a number of basic functionalities, these are:

  • Creating a lesson in which a group of apps and websites can be merged. The teacher can then start the next lesson quickly and simply with a few clicks in the Teacher app;
  • Locking of a website (web-lock);
  • Locking of an app (app-lock);
  • Resetting a group of tablets to a preset configuration;
  • "White-listing" of websites;
  • "White-listing" of apps;
  • Possibility to roll out and manage through the portal;
  • Handy manuals and instructional videos available online in the management portal;
  • Determine which sites may or may not be visited;
  • Create a device layout and roll as default;
  • Pushing applications over the air;
  • Turn off device features like a camera or microphone on devices within your group;
  • Support for Dutch and English in the Teacher app and portals.

JimmyControl in the classroom

Computer equipment is used increasingly in the classroom. As a result, a student can work independently with an app or a website. The use of mobile equipment will only increase. Although many students can work independently, the temptation is also there to do something else. with Mobile Device Management, the teacher can keep them focused with no distractions, thanks to JimmyControl.

Ever since the 80's, equipment has been used in the classroom. Initially, PCs but in recent years Chromebooks, iPads, and other tablets. Especially now the use of tablets in the classroom has increased. The biggest pain is the distraction that the students experience. Without the teacher's notice, something else can be started on the tablet. This painstaking problem is fixed with JimmyControl.

Many schools use mobile device management to help the students focus on their schoolwork. This allows a safe and positive learning environment to be given to the student without all the distractions.

What Mobile Device Management or MDM can do

MDM in education is a fairly simple application. Therefore, an administrator takes the equipment into a pool of devices. Then you can also add the websites and apps in that managed environment. It is also often possible to control the update process from the management environment. Most MDM solutions support different operating systems. In addition, there are also MDM solutions that are suitable for iOS only, but we have it available for Android as well.