Who is JimmyCompany

Who is JimmyCompany

Our team

An enthusiastic and driven team from Enschede in the Netherlands, this is JimmyCompany. Specially and exclusively for education, the innovative solutions that make teaching easier for the teacher, are made by us. In addition, helping to gain insight and provide the IT manager of simple and reliable software is what we do.

It began in 2016 when we were approached by a number of educational foundations. They were looking for a solution to easily manage the tablets in the classroom. Apparently, the current solutions available were not enough or too complicated. So our team started working on this assignment and in early 2017, we are happy to announce to be the very first with educational MDM for Android! But it does not stop here, we are always trying to innovate our newest technologies to make MDM available for every platform.

Our first launch

First launch was at the NOT Beurs in Utrecht this was with JimmyControl for iOS. For example, all tablets can be supported by one simple tool. Meanwhile, the reactions were so positive that it was decided to reject the current Cloud hosting automation activities. Thanks to a number of investors, we can now fully focus on Mobile Device Management solutions. Although, we are also busy with new platforms to make it easier for the IT'ers and teachers.

Working with Jimmy Control

All in all, many of these ideas are inspired by questions and requests from people in the education sector. In short, we are looking forward to work with you. Because we develop everything ourselves, we can respond quickly to those special needs you have.

It does not stop there, because we still have many new ideas that we will tell more about at the end of the year.

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