The greatest MDM solution for schools

Specially designed for teaching and developed in close coöperation with various teachers.

JimmyControl for iOS
JimmyControl for Android
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JimmyControl features

JimmyControl Features

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Teacher app

Setup everything with a few simple steps to prepare for the next lesson.

Clear pricing

For a small amount a year per tablet it is possible to use JimmyControl

for iOS and Android

iOS, Android and soon also for Chromebook and Windows are the platforms JimmyControl uses.

Fast installation

JimmyControl is able to be installed in minutes, a tablet in seconds

ICT Portal

Control all devices and apps from one central platform

Management portal

Gives the management insight in use of schools

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We are JimmyCompany

We are JimmyCompany

Making simple and better educational software, that is the mission of JimmyCompany.
It's inspiring us every day.


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Holland Computer Systems

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Contactperson: Dennis Rozema

Telephone: 074-2553131

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Duffelsesteenweg 12

B-2547 Lint

Contactperson: An van Dam

Telephone: 034601066

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